Friday, August 20, 2010

Fantasma on Kluane Lake

Some video from Fantasma in the Yukon.


Dave said...

Thanks for sharing the excellent video of Fantasma in action!
I think I see now how the fwd hatch is secured to cleats inside the cabin.
Also, are the steel ballast plates placed against the hull sides? I envisioned them at first being on the hull bottom.
Looks like she just sits on her chine under sail and doesn't heel that much after that. Glad to hear she handles well in chop.

george said...

Hi Dave, Thanks for your interest. I was disappointed in the quality of the video but thought it might be of interest anyway.

The ballast plates are on the bottom, held in by hardwood strips on the inside of each chine.

Piano Tuner said...

Hi! This is a fantastic project! Do you have any idea when the design plans will be available? I haven't seen any posts this year - are you still testing it?


London, England

M.H. said...

I am also wondering what the current status is. I am seriously considering building a Paradox but might change my mind if I knew the boat's status...

Mark H.

Oscar said...

Cool project, nice documentation and a lovely little boat!

nick said...

Hello George,
I'm interested in Matt's boats, your prototype is very exciting. How is it with two people overnighting on board? I am looking for plans for a micro cruiser mainly for use by me and a friend, so we want a little elbow room whilst still being in the micro category.
One idea would be to scale up enigma by 20% to a beam of around 4ft 6ins. Or is this really unwise and unnecessary in your view?
Best, Nick.

gualoa789 said...

Hi,I really like your project..
I haven´t seen any posts-are you still testing?