Monday, October 29, 2007

Working on the 460 Again!

Wow, it's good to be working on the boat again! I received several emails about the lack of progress and I really appreciate the interest and concern. Just got busy over the summer and had to put the project on hold. Anyhow, I have chased most of the spiders out and started where I left off.

Here's the deck house wired up. I took some pains in aligning the panel joints and wanted to preserve that, so I lightly tacked the joints with epoxy. The house still has to be fit to the deck, which will necessitate bending the lower edge. I am hoping I don't have to undo the tack joints to get a good fit. We'll see when we get that far.

The deck beam was sawn to shape out of cedar, then a mahogany cap was glued and clamped to the lower edge. Here is the beam under clamps. Matt suggested this method. Easy to shape, light, and forms an I- beam of sorts once laminated to the deck under the forward edge of the house.

Deck beam tacked in place. The ends will get filleted and tabbed in later. The temporary cross brace holds it in position nicely.

Here is the house set in place on the deckless hull. Pretty homely looking craft at this point, but there is going to more interior space than I thought. I can sit upright athwartship with several inches of clearance overhead (I am 6 ft.)

The blanks for the deck carlins were ripped from a 2" spruce plank.