Saturday, August 23, 2008

Going with Larger Bulkhead Hatches

I've already documented my bulkhead hatch plan using bucket lids, but have thrown that out in favor of larger hatches. I realized that the bucket lid hatches were going to drive me nuts. Too small.

I thought about making my own, but found these sit-on-top kayak hatches that are just the right size and may even be sturdy enough. There sure are alot of T handles to close, and that could be annoying, but it occurred to me that much of the time, the hatches won't even need to be in place. These hatch covers can be stored in the fore and aft compartments at anchor and in light airs.

Hatch Braces

I noticed the hatch combing wanted some support but there was nothing specified. Matt suggested something similar to that specified on the Paradox plan and here is what I came up with. Not a flattering photo of the install, but it stiffened up the hatch combing nicely. It makes a great handle for moving around the cabin and hopefully won't be too much of a head banger.

Chine Runners on

Chine runner glassed in place.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chine Runners

Builders often think they know better than the designer. I've tried to resist this temptation and so far have always found that Matt's methods are the best. Nevertheless, I thought I'd try and alternate method of creating the chine runner. Instead of laminating and shaping them in place, I thought I'd rough out the chine runners to shape off the boat. No holes needed in the hull, but not as efficient use of wood.

Here is the laminated stock I cut them from.

And the runner cores roughed to shape.

And laminated to the hull.

Final shaping/fairing of the cores and covering with 3 layers of frp with more fairing, still to be done.

Laminating the Rudder Head

OK, I'm back. It has been WAAAAAY too long since I've made progress, but here we go. Heading to Baja in September with this boat, so need to make some real progress!