Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chine Runners

Builders often think they know better than the designer. I've tried to resist this temptation and so far have always found that Matt's methods are the best. Nevertheless, I thought I'd try and alternate method of creating the chine runner. Instead of laminating and shaping them in place, I thought I'd rough out the chine runners to shape off the boat. No holes needed in the hull, but not as efficient use of wood.

Here is the laminated stock I cut them from.

And the runner cores roughed to shape.

And laminated to the hull.

Final shaping/fairing of the cores and covering with 3 layers of frp with more fairing, still to be done.

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Dave said...

Hi George,
Glad to see you back at work on Enigma again. Keep the pictures and commentary coming! All the best.