Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rudder Core

Rudder core arrived today. Had it computer milled. Probably better job than I could have done and saved some hours of work. Here it is out of the box, Matt doesn't skimp on rudder dimensions. Will sheath/build up with glass/epoxy.

Deck House Interior

Sheathing and taping the inside of the house.

Looking aft.

Did I mention that the boat is upside down? Still pretty easy to turn over by myself and heft onto saw horses. Hoping weight is on target for 250 lbs.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Deck and House Sheathing

Note boards over hatch to retain heat from small heaters placed inside.

Just look at all that sanding, filling and fairing!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sheathing the Topsides

4 oz glass epoxied onto the starboard side and lapped over onto the deck. I ran the double layers of 9oz on the bottom above chine a ways so I could cut the 4oz in half lengthwise and do both sides with one length. Adds some strength to the chine area too, but not sure I would do it that way again.

Port side. The shop is pretty cold but an electric resistance heater in the hull brings the temp up for slow hardener (West 206) to go off overnight. I discovered that I like 206 for wetting out in cold weather because it is less viscous. Does take a little longer to go off but there are never any worries about working time!


Here is the hollow box construction boom epoxied up under clamps. That's every clamp in the shop, I think.

Monday, January 14, 2008


Working on several things.

Hatch coaming is installed. I had some mahogany and used that. Heavy but thought this would be a high wear area and may finish the interior bright.

Got to get a sail made soon so want to have boom and yard made for the sailmaker. Here is a test fit of the hollow yard, made of 10mm sitka spruce. Never made spars before. These will be similar to those on Paradox but a little lighter construction and different lengths.

Getting ready to cut the 4 oz cloth for sheathing the topsides.