Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sail Hoisted

I hoisted the sail up to see how things look and get a feel for boom height and how much mast will need to be trimmed down. Looking forward to a test sail before too long. I still have to finish fabricating the furling system and bolt on the rudder, set up the steering rope and some other hardware before she will be ready to hit the water for the first time.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Project Moves to Baja!

Packed for the road. I'm directing a sailing program in Baja for the winter. This trip validates one criteria for the boat; that it be trailerable by a 4 cylinder economy car. It didn't do much for my diesels' gas mileage, though. The tires would probably work our better at 8" rather than 12".

The boat made a good camper along the way and I slept in it several nights of the 5 day journey.

Continental Divide, New Mexico (yes, its a snowmobile trailer, works great!) The hatch isn't quite done so had to secure it with straps.

Morning In the Boojum forest near Catavina, Baja.

Laminating Hatch Beams

Hull Faired, Primed

Lots of filling and sanding, then a coat of primer on topsides and deck.