Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cloth Applied to Bottom

Two layers of 10 oz cloth have been applied to the bottom. Topsides look messy at this point but it won't matter after cloth is applied and the hull is faired and finished. To reduce sanding, the drips were brushed &/or squeeged out right away. Drips were knocked down while the epoxy was still soft.

I am using West epoxy and went with 206 slow hardner even though the shop was cold. Temperature in the low 30s this weekend, so I prewarmed the hull with an electric heater from underneath and had the resin & hardner warm before mixing. (I have a heated room adjacent for mixing and use an electric heating pad under the containers.) After the 1st layer was wetted out, I turned the heater under the boat off to extend working time and avoid bubbles.

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