Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pine Lake Video

Here is some wacky video from the recent sailing session.


Anders said...

Long time between posts this summer. Out sailing or abobout to give up this short from the finish?

Jeff Michals-Brown said...

Congratulations on your successful sea trials! I am looking at the Enigma 460 as a lighter-weight and slightly larger version of Paradox. But two things I don't understand: (1) I assume Paradox is as heavy as it is because it needs draft to make its chine runners effective, and it needs ballast and draft to make it self-righting. So how does Enigma 460 get away with less weight? (2) Why is all that useful volume in the ends of your boat walled-off behind bulkheads? Why not open up the interior more?

Dave said...

Hi Jeff,
Enigma is more heavily constructed than Enigma, hence the extra weight of the hull. The bottom and side plywood thickness is about twice as thick on Paradox as Enigma. Paradox also has heavier framing and stringers under the living area, which add to the weight. Ballast is added to both boats to get them down to their DWL so the chine runners are effective.
The bulkheads in Enigma are structural and shouldn't be moved. They also divide the Enigma into 3 watertight compartments. The forward and aft compartments are needed to provide buoyancy if the boat swamped. I believe Matt indicated that the Enigma would sink like a rock (if swamped), without the watertight volume in these compartments.