Monday, November 12, 2007

Decks Going On

The underside of the aft deck was coated with epoxy, then the sheer and framing buttered with thickened epoxy. Temporary screws into the sheer batten hold the plywood in place while the epoxy sets.

Same process for the foredeck. The underside is coated with epoxy only as far back as the bulkhead. The rest will be coated later when I am finishing up the cabin.

The sheer batten and frames are buttered with thickened epoxy.

The foredeck section is turned over, set in position and strapped down to bend it to its approximate shape. The plywood was cut oversize, so precise fit is not critical. The edges will be trimmed after the epoxy is set.

The foredeck is clamped down with temporary screws into the deck beam and the sheer batten every 6-8 inches. The aft section will be cut away up to the deck beam once the house is fitted.

The side decks are cut out oversize from the remainder of the foredeck sheet and held in place temporarily with screws and a few impromptu braces. They will also be trimmed once the house is fitted.

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